Predictive Opinion Mining

NextStage is looking for funded researchers to collaborate on a study into predicting the opinions of groups.

We are currently developing a set of tools that (we're guessing) will fall into the “opinion mining” or “opinion forecasting” or some such camps. Although we're not sure where it will land we are confident we can do it. Think of it as drilling a few exploratory mines in current public opinion resources (blogs, tweets, timelines, etc) and being able to determine where and when you'll strike future opinion gold.

We make use of elements of an existing tool, NSPE – NextStage Predictive Echo (scans web server logs and previous web pages to determine how visitors were thinking, determines how much of your audience was getting your message historically, then makes suggestions for your next design efforts), some concepts from psycho-acoustics, neurocognitive resource distribution and pieces of the de Broglie-Bohm Theory.

As usual, we blend.

Long Story Short

We've figured out how to isolate the so-called “wisdom of the crowd” on just about any topic in public consciousness/awareness. We then perform various mathematical techniques to extract waning opinion before it's publicly noticeable, waxing opinion ditto, extremist thinking, influencers on the rise/wane, do opinion averaging (influence/common wisdom through time), …

Think of it as walking through Times Square and being awash in all the noise of people's chatter, traffic, hucksters, sirens, ringing cellphones, walking tours and tour buses, and being able to isolate any single voice or collection of voices and listen to it closely, literally finding and hearing the voice in a crowd, except the voice is an opinion, and you get the idea.

We're looking for funded researchers with large amounts of validated online data (past online conversations/discussions about a then future event, the event happened, conversation/discussion continued). Selected researchers/organizations will have first/proprietary access to the completed tool for a mutually agreed to period of time.

Please contact NextStage if you're interested. Thanks.

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